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If you’ve got a long list of tasks to complete then one way to keep on track is by deciding ahead of time to allocate rewards for each tasks – so for small ones it could be to go and […]

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One reason we often don’t finish large tasks is that they seem insurmountable. Instead break the task down into small, manageable chunks with an allocated time slot – that way you’ll feel like you are making progress and you’ll soon […]

Habits take time to form, so they take time to break. If you are used to checking your emails 15 times a day or working on 6 projects at the same time and never finishing them then a new way […]

Get to the point on the phone and in meetings, if other people tend to waffle then develop ways of politely cutting them off. Agendas in meetings with timings really help people stay focussed, and then if they wander you […]

Build in time each day to get your head together, think about what you have to do and plan ahead. Review as you go along – what is working for you? Are the time management methods you use working for […]