Recognise it. Even the most organised people make mistakes, but your new organised approach applies even when things go wrong. Instead of having a headless chicken freak-out admit that things have gone wrong and plan a way to fix it.


– learn to relax. Don’t panic. This is the quickest way to dive headlong back into chaos. If you get overwhelmed or something does go wrong then take time to sit back, assess the situation and deal with it. Don’t […]


We know there are only so many hours in the day, and there are only so many things you are capable of. Really organised people use others to support them in their long-term aims by utilising their skills.  Where you […]


The certainties in life are death and taxes. This is probably the most serious tip in this book. It’s vital to keep your financial paperwork in order – even if you keep it in a box and take it to […]


Do you have a paperwork file of things going back decades? Maybe snippets you think one day you’ll get round to reading but never have? It’s probably time to send it to the big recycling centre in the sky. If […]

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Use social bookmarking. Social Bookmarking is the process of bookmarking and categorising your personal site preferences. This invaluable tool lets you easily share pertinent information or files. Popular social bookmarking sites include: digg.com, del.icio.us, reddit.com and stumbleupon.com just to name […]

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Give free or low-cost trials. Give free or low-cost trials to get more people to try your product. Even if your subscription offer can be cancelled at any time, people are often wary of getting hooked into a subscription of […]

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Be specific. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. You simply cannot focus your energies when you do that and your business is sure to suffer because of it. Get very specific about the kind of products and services you […]

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Develop a marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be a long thought out process. Something quick and simple will do. You just need to have some idea of what your plans are when it comes to marketing your business.  

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A great business works with people for  people. Make sure to cultivate your network – have a diverse contact list. Not only will you be well equipped for your own needs, but you’ll be prepared to take advantage of opportunities […]